The Jitney

32 bar Jig

Original Tune : Country Ayr (see page 25 of The Bonspiel Collection)

Figures for The Jitney

1-4 First couple set, and change places, giving right hands in passing.

5-8 First man to second woman, also first woman to second man, set and change places, giving left hands in passing.

9-16 First couple dance a reel of three on opposite sides with second and third couples; first man and first woman give right shoulders respectively to third woman and third man to begin. (Fig. A)

17-20 first and third couples dance right hands across, returning to places.

21-24 First and second couples dance left hands across for two bars; then dropping hands the first couple cast off on bars 23-24, while the second couple dance up to top place. (Fig. B)

25-32 First couple dance a figure of eight around second couple (or second couple’s place). On bars 29-32 second couple cast off (on the wrong side of the dance) one place, then dance up to top place, crossing over to own sides. (Fig. C)

NOTE: The final half figure of eight by the second couple (bars 29-32) tends to be forgotten, and should be stressed when teaching the dance.

Bonspiel Collection 1972 - Peter McBryde.