Dunbar Road

32 bar Reel

figures for Dunbar Road

1-8 First three couples, with nearer hands joined, set, then cross over giving right hands in passing; set on opposite sides and cross over to original places, again giving right hands.

9-12 First woman dances a half reel of three with the first and second men, giving left shoulder to second man to begin. (Figure A)

13-16 First woman continues solo on the men’s side the figure of eight begun in the half reel. First and second men cross to the women’s side to dance a half reel of three with the second woman who begins the reel giving right shoulder to her partner (Figure B) and finishes in her partner’s original place facing out. First and second men finish the half reel facing out on the women’s side. (Figure c)

17-24 Second couple, followed by first couple, cast off on wrong sides; meet in turn below third couple where each man passes his partner under his right arm and, with right hands still joined, leads his partner up between third couple to the top of the dance. Second couple cast off into second place, while first couple remains at the top, ready for

25-32 First and second couples allemande.

Bonspiel Collection 1972 - Peter McBryde.