The Bruce Trail

32 bar Strathspey

Suggested Tune: The Bruce Trail (see page 27 of The Bonspiel Collection)

Figures for The Bruce Trail

1-4 First couple turn by right hands one and a half times to finish in partner’s place.

5-8 First man turns second woman, first woman turns second man, by left hands one and a half times to change places.

9-16 First and second ladies chain across the set and back again.

17-24 First couple dance reels of three on opposite sides of the dance. To begin, first man gives right shoulder to third woman, first woman does same to third man.

25-28 First man, advancing, sets to second man and turns him with both hands; first woman does the same with third woman. First couple finish in the middle, right shoulder to right shoulder. (Figure A)

29-32 First man, advancing past his partner, sets to third man and turns him with both hands just far enough to finish in second place on own side of dance; first woman does same with second woman. (Figure B)

Bonspiel Collection 1972 - Peter McBryde.